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Bet Swetes FC - Ottos Rangers FC

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@jonathan-caron0 wrote:


The match Swetes FC - Ottos Rangers FC did not start. Have you an idea ?

Hello @jonathan-caron0  and welcome to the community , 

So far , the only update available for this match is that the game was postponed. It is still unsure until when.


There are a few rules for these kind of scenarios : 

"If a match/event is postponed before starting, all bets are voided if the match/event isn't played within 72 hours. If there's an official statement from the governing body, that the match won't be played within the 72 hours then all bets are voided before the period ends."

So as soon as they will have the updates about what will happen to this game , your bet will be either voided ( odds @1.00 ) or maybe it will be played within the 72 hours timeframe , in which case , the bets will stand.

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