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Power of Zika


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you as a pro golfer...dont you want to go to Rio to start in the Olympics?

-No i am afraid of the Zika virus

but many Golfers will be there

-yes but not me i am afraid of the Zika virus

so its have nothing to do with that you cant win any money on the tournement

no,i am afraid of the Zika virus

but you can win medals,Gold Silver or Bronze and the pride of youre country

wouldnt that be very nice??

No,not for me.....i am afraid of the Zika virus

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i never heard about ZIKA since this year . Each year mass-media are promoting a virus and this unbelieveble : last year was Ebola , this year is Zika and in Romania for example each year another virus : last year was the mass ticks invasion and the lime virus ( since i was a kid i never heard anything like that to be bite and get sick ) 2 years ago or whatever porcin grip and so on....

It is very weird that they promote that during the Rio Olympics games ( pre- and during ) and i thing is only a medicin companies agressive campaign.

But who will not be scared about this crap when you ll probably have childs with the time and get scared see him borned with half of head or whatever.

Nothing to blaim to sportives  but : what are you afraid of never get rid of it

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