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Unibet promotions too much pointed toward cash game?


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So for quite a while now I think most promotions have been giving tickets into cash games. I get the point that unibet probably wants more action in those but as overall there are several issues in such policy. If one is focusing on SNG or MTT then those are quite a bit less valuable. Also for people playing clearly different buyin cash game normally it might not make too much sense to use those. E.g. if someone play mainly NL100+ I doubt he is that interested in using NL10 or NL25 ticket... Sort of same for me when I tend to play 10+ SNG it just wont make too much sense to use time for those. As 300 flops with sensible style will require well over 1000 played hands. Or other way around if one play NL4 normally then he might feel awkward to be forced into NL25.

So at least for me it would make so much more sense to get shop points from those promotions and be able to use them in more profitable ways. Currently I just tend to chip dumb bit over half of cash game ticket value to get remaining as real money. I doubt that is sort of behaviour unibet aims to create with these promotions?

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Hi @Ghaleon ,

thanks for your feedback and I definitively see your point, however please keep in mind that we want to attract recreational players and the purpose of missions and similar is not only to give some extra value to this category of players but also to make them try different formats.

It happens quite often, that you don't know that you actually enjoy a certain game format until you start playing it, so maybe usually you would never try to play PLO but then you have a ticket to use and play it and actually enjoy it. We want to spread our players across as many different formats as possible and if we just paid out bonus points, it wouldn't match that purpose anymore.

It's impossible to satisfy every customer's need, so we try to find the right balance and I think we do that quite well and the feedback we receive has been mostly positive.

If someone plays higher stakes, it indeed doesn't make much sense if they get a NL4 ticket or similar but unfortunately right now we can't sort players in categories and give them awards according to their stakes, however our challenge reward scheme is build in a way that high volume players will still get a lot of value back in form of bonuses, bonus points, cash, etc., so they can afford to just 'ignore' some of the lower payouts that are more designed to recreationals.

We want to update our loyalty scheme in the near future and will try to keep the feedback received on our current system into consideration.


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