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Nicola Kuhn


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How can it be that one of my bets for Nicola Kuhn to win was marked as a loss because the match ended 1-1. There is no option for a draw in tennis. But my other bet for over 32,5 games says it is a void beacuse the match is postponed. How is this possible.






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Hey @martikainen and welcome to the community , 

Nicol Kuhn retired in the 3rd set of the match . On Unibet, if a set has been played and a player retires after that, the bet is settled as a winning one for his opponent and a lost one for the player who retired. You can read more about this  here .

And when it comes to number of games, if a player retires before the final result of that bet can be decided, it will always get void, cause there is a result which can not be 100 % sure at this stage of the match ( 6-4 ; 5-7 ; 2-2 ) .Only if your bet wpuld have been in this case over 25.5 games in total in the match would have been settled as a winning one.

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