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VIP/Rakeback Discussion


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Just wanted to open a general discussion of the VIP program on Unibet.  Imo some aspects are very good and some are lacking.

The grievance that currently comes to mind is the "mini challenges".  These for SNG players are nearly impossible to keep track of as you are clearing them so fast that the few seconds lag between it being updated for a new challenge makes me play hands not knowing what the new challenge is.  Furthermore the constant clicking in the lobby to see how many points I've achieved is tiresome.  I'd like this reverted back for the next quarter to the way things were.... or even better yet just make SNG points be allocated like MTT's.

Leftover points at the end of each quarter is a problem for Unibet.  It results in recreational players wondering what happened to my points and it causes serious players to not strive for the next benchmark should they feel it's unobtainable.  Right now a player is best served finishing 9/10th of a challenge so the partial points are carried over but if he were to finish it he could be left in limbo between benchmarks and receive nothing.  Anytime a site offers incentive for a player to not play is by definition doing something very wrong.

The positives are the extra cash/points given out for trying new games etc.  I don't partake but that doesn't diminish their value in the least.  Giving players an incentive to log in 3 days in a row etc is a big positive and trying out new game types is an additional plus.  This aspect of the VIP program needs to stay intact.

An aspect to continually discuss and analyze is the bell curve of RB %.  In general I like Unibets strategy, but think it could be run even more efficiently to maximize Unibet's profit and bring more value to more players at the slight expense to the minority.

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