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Retired is a joke ?


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Oke i will make it simple and short

Its about retireing

Ok so i put couple of time a bet on tennis and sometjing happen and the player i have cash on hem retired even that the match is not finsh and most of websites give the cash back on on retireing and here in unibet doesnt i keep playing

And i serchs on the forum about the rules and ok i found out that if they lost one set and one retired than the one who lost the set he lose 

It happen to me much and today i have a bet on one and

he win first set and he As wining the other set and they stop becouse of retireing 

 And my bet is cancel 

So let me ask what is that bull❤️♥️❤️ rull 

If we put on one and he lost one set and retired u call it a lose and when qone o'e win a set and the match stop becouse of retireing than you cancel the bet ??????


Tell me what rules is that exept stupid theaf rules

You have to be honst if you count tje one set lost as lost in case of retireing than you have to count tje one set win as wining too honst and fair


If you guys tell me that is normal than sorry than that is bull❤️♥️❤️



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Thanks for your reply guys

Im talking about

Harrison ryan vs mahut nicolas


I put a bet on mahat nicolas +1.5 set 

And he won the first set and than harrison got injured and retired on next set wich it happen that mahut got 2/0 games 

So even if the match not finshed i put a bet+±1.5 set that mean the bet won after he finsh the first set but the bet got can canceled wich is not fair 

First he win the first set and from what happen to me before is some one  retired than they look who won the first set 

And also i have nicolas +1.5 set that mean even he lose the match he still wining the bet and in place of that the bet is cancleca

Here is ss Screenshot_20180717-215656.thumb.png.9c0f813468ce9192d6f934a1df19bd10.png




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Thanks for the screenshot.

This bet being cancelled has nothing to do with who won or lost the first set. Your bet was about game handicap, nothing to do with sets or match. 

And the reason it got cancelled , is that you can't tell how many games would this match possible had and in who's favour if one of the players retires at this score.

The bet from the screenshot you provided is about "game handicap" , not about set +1.5 , like you said.

The " game handicap" market is all about games won. It doesn’t really matter about who wins the match!! At the end of the match, you add all the games together that each player has won, and whoever has the most games wins.

Here is from the T&C of Unibet :

"“Over/Under” and "Handicap" offers on unfinished matches the outcome of which is already determined before the interruption of play and/or where any further continuance of play could not possibly produce a different outcome to said offers, will be settled based on the result achieved until the interruption. For the calculation of these settlements, the minimum amount of occurrences which should have been needed to bring the offer to the natural conclusion will be added as necessary depending on the number of sets which the match is scheduled for. Should this calculation produce a situation where no possible alterations could affect the outcome of the offer this will be settled as such".

In your case there wasn't a calculation which produce a situation where no possible alterations could affect the outcome of the offer this will be settled as such.

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