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If Unibet is supposed to be friendly to recs why punish low stakes players.


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Then why does NL25 player get around 15% rakeback from 5% rake(paying effectively 4,25% rake) and NL400 player 50-60% rakeback from 6% rake(paying effectively 2,4-3,0%rake)?

It's still good here in NL10 since original rake is only 3% but jumping to NL25 seems darn expensive. It seems to get a bit better at NL100 but best would be to to build roll enough to jump straight from NL10 to NL200 or change the site :D NL25,NL50 and to some extent NL100 seem to be super expensive at unibet compared to other stakes. NL4,NL10,NL200 and NL400 are the rake free stakes to play if i've understood this stuff correctly.

I've been doing some calculating with my current volume. I could make maybe 100k challenge points in 3 months in NL10 and 400k in NL25 and 800k in NL50 and so on and checking this graph.


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