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For whenever sport, betting, gambling and especially football doesn't take up my time, I really enjoy board games every so often. My favorite game is by far Twilight Struggle. The Cold War wasn't much fun and games, but it sure is fun to try outwit your opponent in this classic board game. Sadly, it's only a 2 player game, and I've yet to encounter a multiplayer game that is anywhere near it in quality. Still a lot of fun to be had, and it's social and brings up the competetive spirit in all.

Some other 2 player games I enjoy:

7 Wonders: Duel
Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage

3-players+ games:

Small World
The Castles of Burgundy (also 2p)
7 Wonders

Some of the mentioned are simple and fast games that are easy to learn and enjoy, while others are a bit more time comsuming and tricky. I enjoy both kinds, all depending on the day, the players and the time at hand. These days we're trying out games like Blood Rage, Love Letter, Kemet, Keyflower, A Few Acres of Snow, Rococo and Fury of Dracula, so I'll probably get back with some of those worthy of these list in a few weeks... We are usually 2-4 players, so sadly I rarely ever have the opportunity to play games that are best suited for 5-6 players. I've tried to only mention games I've played in recent years, so I've delibirately avoided to rely on my recall for games like Brass, Puerto Rico, Le Havre, Caylus, Dominion, Lords of Waterdeep, 1860: The Making of a President, St. Petersburg, Ra and whatnot.

Anyone else out here a board game geek? Got any favorites/list of favorites? or simply any recommendations?

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I enjoy 'Small World' & 'Sorry', but my all time favorite would have to be Chess.

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Played a couple of rounds of Rococo today, and I got to say I'm very impressed with the mechanics of the game. It's incredibly well balanced, and there are several possibly roads to victory. We played 3-player games, but it's also possible to play anywhere from 2 to 5. The Board Game Geek community have scored it as best for three, so we might just have been lucky with how well it works with that number.

I know the theme won't be too interesting on face value (making dresses for the King's ball in Louis XV's France). Hopefully it won't scare off too many potential players, because this one was a really entertaining game with an interesting way to balance area dominance with deckbuilding and Eurostyle.

Highly recommended. I'll easily give it the Keyser's stamp of approval already, and if it keeps up on future plays as well, it might just make it into my top 5 or 10 if I get around to rank my favorites one day.

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