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Polish Ekstraklasa - new market


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I've asked our sportsbook team if we can add corner kick market permanently for the Polish Ekstraklasa. I'll let you know, as soon as I get an update from the guys in the team.

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@Apoxxy91 wrote:

any progress ?

First of all I'm sorry about the late reply!

I couldn't find the case created by Marco, so I had a quick chat with our sportsbook team instead. Permanently offering this market on the Ekstraklasa will require a bit more analysis from our side (we simply need to investigate, if enough people will be interested in it). We'll start working on this soon, and if all goes well, we might be able to offer it in August - can't promise anything, as it all depends on the analysis. 

Thank you for your understanding :)

NB I'll update you in this thread, once there's news from the guys.

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