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Satellite Strategy.


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Recently I have been messing around with diferent buy-in strategys in UK Tour €4 Satellite Tournaments. I have -


Bought in for 1-buy in at start of Tournament.

1 Bought in for 1-buy-in at 40/80 Level

2 Bought in for 1 buy-in just before registration ends

3 Bought in for 2 buy-ins at 80/160 Level

4 Bought in for 2 buy-ins at 40/80 Level

5 Bought in for 2 buy-ins at reg end.

I have had the most success using method 1 & 5. I was wondering what strategys other players used regarding times and amount they buy-in for.




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I think it depends on

1) How good you are

  • If you're above the average skill level of the tournament, the more hands you play the more you will realize your edge, so you're better off buying in as early as possible. On top of that, postflop skill matters much more in the early stages where stacks are (relatively) deep. 
  • If you're below average, you'll do better buying in as lately as possible, where varience and thus luck play a bigger role than early on. You're likely to quickly end up in an all-in flip situation, which gives you better odds than your skill level would give you in the early rounds.

2) How time-efficient you want to play

  • If your bankroll allows big variance swings, and you have time to play a big volume of the qualifiers, and you jumping into the qualifier early prevents you from playing another table, you might be better of registering late, since it might actually improve your hourly rate. With the UK Tour qualifiers it cuts your total playing time in half, while it probably doesn't cut your winrate in half.


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