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Last chance tournys


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@DavidP_Unibet  @Leo-Unibet

Last chance tournys for uk tour have had a change recently. Seems same as normal tourny except reduced late reg. Not sure these finish prior to late reg of target tourny. There is a lack of consistency as last chance ubo50 is same as before.

There is a market place for a normal 10 to 100 uk tourny.

Either a change in name or structure is required.

IMO, Having seen the new scedule lobby for some time now, ive got to say its awful. It lacks simple clarity and consistency. 

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A +1 on the last chance tourneys from me. If the point of a last chance is to satellite to a final qualifier then they need to finish in time to register. They do seem to be more popular now though (although I miss the occasional overlay) so perhaps a change of time is required.

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