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Ladies..What do you prefer? MTt, Sng, Cash(Normal/Banzai)0


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Hi Girls!

Just want to know how many we are, and what type of poker do you play.

I play Sit and go 5max, buy in$2 and $4 and my regular nickname is ImHappyChips or PAKnSAVE, maybee we play sometimes together






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Hello @S9999 :)

There are women on unibet for sure but i think they are all a little shy :D

To answer your question: even though i play much less lately,  i mainly play satellites to unibet open (and UK as well). Other than that, i play mtt (1-2 euros) and freerolls, and i try to finish my cash ticket that i got a  long time ago (i barely play cash so it takes some time :D )

I dont play sng so i might not meet you for a while :)

Cu in community events soon :peace:

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Hi @S9999 and welcome to Unibet community and especially Ladies group :)

My bread and buter is playing live tournaments. When i play online I play torunaments and satellites to the bigger events and try to win packages. My online name is ; balticblonde 

Hope to see you at one of the Unibet Poker UK Tour or Unibet Open stops in the future :) Daiva

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