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Massive Congratulations to Uhlen


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I would like to say a Massive congratulations to Uhlen for his stream of poker for 24 hours. Also the support for Uhlen was fantastic too. Thank you all for stopping by and supporting him. I know he will be happy that you did. 

Also a massive thank you to all the ambassadors, @IanSimpson, @davidklappin, and @DaVitsche for their streaming of the Half Billion tournament. Was entertaining as ever, and managing to watch all 4 twitch streams was a load of fun. The support for all the streams across the twitch channel was amazing. I really hope that Unibet will put on more tournaments like this in the future. Yes there were a few teething problems but Unibet was straight on the case and offered a resolution to the problem. Hats off to them for that.

Also a big congratulations and in some way comiserations goes to @hensiepensie who made the Final table after rocking the short stack on the FT bubble. Well done to all that played hope you had fun and congrats to the final table and the winners. Hope you have a lot of fun.

Hope to see you all again on one of the streams later. But for now Take care and run golden.


D. Angel x


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