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Flip Satty: 3 handed w 2 seats, hero comes 3rd with the 2nd best hand off equal stacks???

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IDK if this is me being ignorant, a convoluted rule or a niche bug (Its probably my ignorance).

This is the FT. we are on the nut bubble for 2 seats. I have an identical stack as Terro (I checked this in the HH).

I have the second best hand at showdown but somehow Terro has come 2nd and won the seat while I have bubbled. 

Really struggling to work out what has happened here.

I would have assumed that I came 2nd as I have the 2nd best hand here. That seems reasonable.

If it is based on position then I think I should also win, as in situations where an indivisible chip is being awarded in a split pot I believe it always goes to the player to the left of the button as they have the positional disadvantage. This also seems reasonable.

Another option would be for us to split 2nd place 50/50 ie we each get a 25 Euro ticket / bonus points. Again, this seems reasonable.

I can't really imagine how Terro wins unless the software just randomly picks a player 50/50 to win. This would be an absolutely WILD way to decide who wins but maybe this is how the software works? 

Is there an explanation in the rules somewhere how situations like this are calculated by the software?

Many thanks everyone!





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This is just how the system works in flips. You are not the first to ask, probly not last either.

Hi @gillardo, it doesn't play a role whether you had the 2nd best hand or the worst, as there is only one winner and all the remaining players are considered as losing players. I have sent a request to our developers to understand the logic behind the 2nd place finishing position (I think it might be random), as I'm not sure myself, however it definitively has not to do with the hand strength. Thanks


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It might seem very odd, but it is actually rather common that hand strength isn't considered in these cases.

That of course doesn't mean it's perfect, and I tend to agree it'd be more logical or cause less confusion, if secondary finishing positions were decided based on hand strength rather than at random. 

This is from the tournament description of your tournament: "Secondary finishing positions are decided at random and not by hand strength or seat".

As it's by design, it's not a bug, but it is something I'm considering putting on the backlog eventually anyway, as an improvement.

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> Secondary finishing positions are decided at random and not by hand strength or seat

I assumed that this meant finishing positions of players who did not cash was decided at random. eg. you might be placed 3rd-6th randomly because it doesn't matter what 'position' you finish in if only 1st and 2nd win a prize.

This is an extremely niche form of bad beat I guess,  I just lost a secret 'flip' in the software.

Not a pressing issue but I agree it is a lot more intuitive for players if the person with the best hand cashes in spots like this.

Is this the same in a regular satty (no flip just playing it out)?

Thanks for the explanation!

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Pretty sure this is just the rule in general, it's just really really unimaginably hard to have the exact same chips as another bustout in anything other than a flip, will still happen, but super rare. Also the idea that there's just a single pot winner and everyone else if same chip count is decided by another rule, like position or whatever, is also pretty common across other sites, which is weird cause it does cause confusion for no reason. Of course it's just a lottery, you register and you get a final result, so it shouldn't matter, just looks weird.

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