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Chips cover bounty amount

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When you're deep in an MTT and the chip stacks are very large, when you bet, the stack of chips can have a height so large that it covers the bounty amount, parts of the name, and maybe even parts of the amount of chips you have left behind, for the players that see you in the top left (3) or top right (6) seats. And you can do it intentionally by betting with 99999 at the end of your bet, effectively increasing the height of your chip stack 5x for less than 1% of the amount of the bet. Since the top chip stacks are limited to 8 chips you could limit these other 2 positions as well. I don't see any downside to this.

You could easily change this in playerDesktop by just uncommenting chipsTowerHeightLimit and either keep it at 6 how it's written there or 8 like the top ones. Do it for the following seats as they're commended here:


6 seats: 

  • // Top left
  • // Right top

9 seats:

  • // Left Top (3)
  • // Right Top (6)

These are the only seats that can have issues on Desktop. No issues with HU or 5 seat. 

How it looks:





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