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Backspace and other keys register twice in login UI on MacOS

  • Priority: Medium Status: Trying to reproduce

In the login interface on MacOS, when attempting to correct a mistyped username or password by using the Backspace key, the system erroneously registers the keypress twice, resulting in the deletion of two characters instead of one. This issue is also observable with other keys like the Tab key. However, the Space key functions as expected, deleting only one space per keypress.

**Expected Result:**
Each keypress (Backspace, Tab, etc.) should register as a single action.

**Actual Result:**
Backspace and Tab keys are registering as if pressed twice, thereby performing double the action for a single keypress.

**Additional Info:**
- The issue was not reproducible using the Space key, which functions correctly.

credit to @orbit_white

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Even if this isn't exactly a critical bug, it's one that should be easy to reproduce, so will ask QA to give it a go and then it can go on the backlog

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Yup, Phlo23 is correct, the backspace does indeed delete 2 characters as opposed to 1.

On the subject of typos, darn my English hasn't been used much in the past 4 years, so I am afraid that along with typos, I make syntax errors, grammar mishaps, general linguistic structural damage and an incalculable amount of mistakes not even known to the English language yet 🙃

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Question Phlo, given that you are using the Sonoma OS : did you get any freezes where the client completely stops responding to any actions and you were forced to manually shut it down and reboot it!?!?!

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