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  1. I don't need any informations about my "play style". Yeah probably a "downswing" for 10days ??? No even a decent win with more than 3000 credits use. But the worst part of this is the totally not random feeling. Anyway, spend hours and money for nothing,no fun at all. Only frustration and the feeling of being robbed.
  2. After spending hours To try To make a post I'm sure it Will not be in the good place, but if the community was a little bit better it will not be so difficult To create a post! I'm so glad To say that it's m'y last day on this site.I have tried To make a post on how unibet casino is a scam but it Will probably be deleted. So just a last post To tell you how much I hate my time here. To be honest the pretended "rtp" was a really joke. Lot of laugh
  3. Nice if you bet all the predictions
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