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  1. Yeah you'll be waiting a while. I'm still waiting from the 6th for the them to verify, apparently "they are working around the clock" which is obviously bullshit Funny that they let you deposit and bet without verifying but if you have a couple of winners they put you through this
  2. Yep. Coming up to 2 weeks for me even though I've sent them everything they've asked for. Looking forward to the next excuse for them not to accept
  3. I'm sorry but that is nonsense, They are rejecting documents that they have specifically stated for Look at all the negative reviews that span over years
  4. Now my credit cart statement dated in the last 30 days delivered in the post has been rejected for no reason Just because they don't want to pay out 1.1k Such a scummy organisation
  5. Yep it's all BS, couldn't care less about their customers They have an average rating of 1.7/5 from 1500 reviews on trust pilot for a reason Regret the day I signed up
  6. It's just a scam, there is no justification for the delay I've had documents (including pdfs) verified in a few hours by bigger, better and more established bookmakers before
  7. I have to say the verification process for Unibet is an absolute joke... In 15 years I've never had to wait longer than 24 hours let alone a week to be verified. I've read all the negative reviews about the process and it's a scandal you are allowed to operate like this. Also all my bills are paperless apart from credit card statement, I sent you a picture of that statement dated in the last 3 months and apparently that isnt acceptable so I've sent you one from the last 30 days as requested and you're still stalling.
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