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  1. hey, i am trying to make a new acc last 2 weeks, some admind of unibet asked me to pm but i never heard back!! There is somebody of the Unibet team who can pm me?? I cannot use the live chat from the site, i dont know why, i think is because of the country i am in(Netherlands)
  2. Look, i saw many weird things on the site to be honest, i deposited 50$, the first 20-30k hands i was running like the sun, i was bluffing, people were calling and i was hitting my 2 outter, was many times. At one moment i got to 1.5k(very good br management and the site is extremely soft to play), after my first withdrawal(around 700$) was like i could not win anymore, not because i was playing bad but because i saw the setups of my life, Pokerbros claims also what they got RNG which is 100% tested and certified but the rivers i did see there was unreal, i played online poker more than 2 million hands and different sites, some sites seems to be much more legit than others, i am writing all those things and i am a winning player, turned 50$ to 10k$ playing small stakes cash games...For sure the variance of poker is something the human mind cannot accept very easy and if you are a weaker and not experienced player can drive you mental and think everything is rigged, is not completely rigged but i do believe sometimes the sites favor the weaker players so they will not be losing all the time, they favor also the very hard grinders because this is where the money are coming from.. If you are playing poker is very bad for you to think online poker is rigged, i just take it out of my mind and am trying to do my best, Unibet is one of the softest sites and i will continue playing here!! @papaI think you are a recreational player and clearly you dont follow brm. otherwise you wouldnt deposit just 25$ and cry when you lost them, those are 6 Buy in on 4nl, come on, fix your mental game, read some poker books and everything will change, if you are meant to win, you will win, read some things about mental game and GL
  3. unfortunately i cannot, the site doesnt give me this option i am trying so many days to do it
  4. Hi, i do need to make a new account i think, i did change place of living and i would like to have an account with my currency and adress on it, is not for any bonus or something. How this could be possible ?
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