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  1. Hi, I was playing the Gonzo's quest megaways slot when right when I got a 4 scatter bonus the app crashed to the lobby, also logging me out. Now this happens quite regularly when I'm playing slots by red tiger on this app so I didn't think too much of it thinking my bonus would be saved but when I returned to the slot I was greeted by a message that informed me that my win was processed and that I had received 17 odd euros (1€ stake). Now I'm not happy about this for a few reasons. One, I can't be sure that this win amount includes the bonus since when scoring the bonus I also got a pretty decent line hit. Second, even if I was awarded the money from the bonus, how did it decide if I were going to gamble the number of spins or not, which could severely impact the won amount. And lastly, I didn't get to watch the bonus after spending quite a bit of money on it. So my question is, is there some way to roll back the won amount and reinstate my bonus? Kind regards
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