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Calling Copenhagen residents


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Hi guys,

Very much looking forward to Copenhagen as I've never been to Denmark before.  My girlfriend is coming along for the weekend so would be good to know of any nice areas with bars/restaurants that we might not come across ourselves? Some later night bars would be good too.  Locals always know best so we're not necessarily looking for the most touristy places :)

Also been reading up on Christiania?  I understand there were a few incidents there last year and that it might not be as tourist friendly as it once was.  That said, it looks pretty interesting place for a daytime visit. Can anyone give me the latest on it?

Happy to do the same for Glasgow for anyone attending the event in a couple of weeks.



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Welcome to the community @Geo123!

I've listed a few of the things you should check out while you're in Copenhagen:

Strøget - the main shopping street in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Street Food - a great place for the food fanatics where you'll find dishes from all over the world made with passion. Located on Papirøen (Paper Island), close to different tourist attractions.

Amalienborg - the queen's residence during winter.

Christiansborg Slot - the Danish parliament.

Nyhavn - A beautiful area in the heart of Copenhagen packed with plenty of bars. Definitely worth a visit.

The Little Mermaid - not a place I would recommend to visit if you're in a hurry, but I kind of have to mention it as a popular tourist attraction. It's a great story but the statue itself might be a bit of a disappointment :)

You shouldn't be worried about visiting Christiania. There were some riots last year indeed, but I haven't heard of any incident ever since the inhabitants of Christania stood up against the bad guys a year ago. Things have changed a bit over the years, but it's still a cool place to visit :Happy:

There are plenty of other places to visit, like Tivoli, Rundetårnet, Kongens have, but it would take too much time to list all of them. Not really sure about which bars and clubs you should go to. When I'm out in Copenhagen I usually just follow my friends who live there, so I don't really pay any attention to the places we're going :Happyshy:

I'm sure you'll enjoy Copenhagen :) It's a vibrant city without being too hectic and you've got plenty of things to see. I would recommend you to rent a bike when sightseeing, both because Copenhagen is the number 1 city when it comes to biking and most tourist attractions are within a biking friendly distance. 50% of all citizens commute by bike every day and there are more bikes than inhabitants!

Looking forward to seeing you in Denmark :Peace:

Former community moderator
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Have to say well done for a fantastically organised event , ran very smoothly and we absolutely loved Copenhagen. The weather helped of course , but it is a wonderful city for walking about exploring and stopping at the occasional bar for a beer/coffee. Our phones say we walked nearly 30km over 3 days! Friday seemed crazily busy I'm assuming it was some kind of public holiday? Definitely planning a return trip soon, and looking forward to hearing where the next unibet stop will be 

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