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Bankroll challenge - €14 - €100 (beginner)


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Hi all,

New to Unibet and have joined due to the €24 no deposit bonus. I started playing poker for fun at University on PKR but never really understood some of the finer aspects of the game. Refound my love for poker this time last year and played a lot on Pokerstars but there is a massive gap in my standard of poker and the average player on Pokerstars. I also found myself not really pacing myself on there and taking really bad hero calls in an attempt to win pots. Anyway, I stopped playing poker for about half a year and when I saw this promotion, I knew this was my route back in to poker. So, I started out this challenge due to me not being very good at cash games and the €14 4NL cash ticket forces me to play these types of games and also to try and pace myself and not going Gung Ho in to pots. So far, Unibet is a really nice poker platform so props to the devs on that (the no chat feature is my favourite thing).

I have been playing pretty solidly for the past three nights now and grinding my way through the nice little challenges and bonus steps. From the initial €14 4NL ticket, my bankroll currently sites at €30.67 which is by far my best gain when playing nothing but cash games.

Can't wait to finish the 750 flop requirement to unlock my winnings and start investing some time in SnGs.

I will post up after each session and hopefully will be able to smash this beginner challenge and move on to a €500 bankroll goal.


Onwards and upwards!

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