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Special Big Blind is a term you hear more often in cash games than in tournaments. This is due to the high frequency of pots that start without pre-flop raises, with only limps.

But what does it mean? Well, this expression is often used to describe a situation where the player sitting in the big blind can see the flop for free - that is, the hand arrives without any raise and he or she only asks the table to see the first three common cards - and Then ends up hitting a strong game, even with a weak preflop. For example, if you get: 7s: 4c in the big blind and the flop comes: 6s: 5h: 3d, this is a "big blind special."

However, it is also possible to take advantage of the "special big blinds" by paying preflop increases in the big blind, this is also known as "defending" from pot steals by the player who has increased.

Let's explore some reasons why defending your big blinds in tournaments can be advantageous - and lucrative.

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