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Hello Everybody,

I wonder why with tennis when 2 players have both a high quote e.g.: player 1: 1.90 and player 2: 2.35 then its much more interesting to bet with those 2 high quotes than 2 players with a low quote, particularly if the gap between the 2 players is pretty  large, not?  What I must say is that starting from a quote of 1.50 the risk is higher (mostly from 45%-55%) but then its still quite obvious which player has more change to win the match , so then the so called 'risk' isn't correct, am I right?

I've also got a another question suppose I want to make 25 euro gain with betting on tennis a day.

Which of the following bet-combinations do you think is the best:

1 single-bet:   10 matches of x euro  with a quote of 1.50                                                         total invest x Euro

I've got to have at  6/10 bets correct in order to make gain not talking about the 25 euro. so it will take a lot of money to make a possible 25 euro gain.

or 1  combi of 2 matches  with a total quote of 3.5 so the invest is less and the profit is more but there's (more) risk

or 1 combi of 2 matches with a total quote of 2.5 so more invest and less profit but (less) risk


Thank you in advance!!!

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