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Super Wheel incident

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Hi ,

I had this nasty experience , i was playing Super Wild Megaways , and for the first time ever i got a spin on super wheel . [ i normaly dont play for this ]

The stream was not supersmooth and the wheel seemed not to turn very smooth .

I didnt know what to expect but the wheel ended on Vegas Diamonds , green lights are lit above the Vegas Diamonds , but then the wheel moves backwarts [ !!!!!! ] to the bonus next to Vegas Diamonds which was 15x , then the wheel moves back again to Vegas Diamonds and stays there .

I was shocked to see i was given the bonus next to Vegas Diamonds which was 15 x .    [ this was bad payout considering my session losses ]

I have contacted support and now provided round id . and need see what happen .

My main question is , what kind of payouts can u expect in the bonusgame Vegas Diamonds ?   [ i was playing 40 cent spins ]

Also i was trying to play for leaderboard and i wonder if i could have easy landed on the leaderboard with a good score in Vegas Diamonds .






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I got reply from help-desk that the bet was correctly settled by 15x .

In itself this gives zero information , did i see wrong , the wheel was mend to finish on 15x but landed on Vegas Diamonds by mistake , what happened , why i think i was given the wrong bonus , i asked now if possible to send me the video , otherwise i dont see how this can come to satisfying outcome.

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