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I'm so disappointed of it all. I have won abt 20k one week ago but couldent get my winnings cos an error was abt. Waited til the next day and the same happen. So i playd it all up. 

So, then i won 12k and was looking 4ward to could withdrawal that stack cos of my loss earlyer, but no... couldent this time 8er. Both times i was trying to talk with someone beside the Boot chat. And it seems like a hopeless thing to get to talk with a human....but finally a human person responded. But then there are so fck'ings many abt's and back and fore, and it take a hole lot of time, and so many abt's to do, at the end of it all, i played every single Daim again. How come it is all this shit to do be4 a gurl can get the winning she is in titled to?  (i have withdrawal winnings be4 too, and it have been a little of the same but i have got my winnings in some days, but not like this be4)

Just asking xx

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