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My bet was wrongly counted as a loss!!!! Foden had 2 shots on target


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may I know why TWO shots on target from Phil Foden weren't counted as shots on the target but just as shots?

Even on your website, it's stated that ''A shot on target or a shot on goal (SOG) is any shot attempt that would or does enter the goal if left unblocked''

Just look at the pictures which I'm sending You. You can see that 
the first Foden shot on target was in the 28th minute of the game and Wolverhampton's goalkeeper saved that shot. So this Foden's shot was saved by Wolverhampton's goalkeeper!!. 

The second shot was in the second half and it was cleared from the goal line by the last Wolverhampton players on the field. It was Dawson who cleared the ball from the goal line.

Opta Stats made a mistake because firstly they put that Foden had shot on target and later they mistakenly removed this, although he had two shots on the target.

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