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Monthly Missions


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Just wanted to take a second and thank you for the monthly missions but first I'd like to complain about them as well.   The complaint is really nothing but L1 and L2 missions can be pretty repetative but while saying that I can not give you any examples of what they should be becuase I have no sense of imaginagtion.   However,  the thank you is for the odd missions that force me to do things that I am not comfortable doing.   I like the missions that come out and I look at them and say to myself well that's not going to happen.  then a couple of days on thinking about them there I am giving them a go.  a couple of examples playing two or more games at the same time, never going to do it, to much aggro, not me, now I start each session moving down and playing for an hour just to get myself started.  another doing sit and gos for a day, sure enough I started to win.   Appreciate the effort in coming up with new stuff for me to do.   thanks

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