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unibet pragmatic live casino tournament (discrimination regarding equality of opportunities)

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Hi ! I want to know if there is a chance to eliminate the discrimination regarding equal opportunities at Unibet casino tournaments

Unibet had a Pragmatic Live Casino Tournament in which, woth the games available in Romania, the maximum points that could be earned was 3600 if 10 winning numbers were hit in a row in 10 consecutive spins of roulette , and the first place winner earned over 10000 points, as did the second placde (>7000).Therefore, for Romanian customer, there was no chance of placing in the top 10, but the terms and conditions did not specify anywhere that others could hae different games .

So, you play for a week in a tournament with 1 euro /bet and you end up winning a maximum of 120 euros with no chance for winning a higher prize while the first gets 2000, the second 1000, the third 600 .


And this is not the only tournament in which inequality of opportunities is practiced.

So , be careful,Romanians, when participating in tournaments and you see that some players have astronomical points.


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