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1) Dumb Dumber
THAT MOMENT... after the game when you realise that you forgot a zero when you've placed your bet :manindifferent: #againstallods


2) Stress stress stress stress stress  :smileymad:
-> The Belgium game was 0-0 after 90 minutes, the Americans had a big chance in the last minute of the game. Luckely he missed standing alone in front of the keeper Courtois. Belgium won tthis game in the end after extra playing time with 2-1.
-> Costa Rica won against Greece after a horrifying penalty shoot-out.

You've got to love World Cup!


3) Greed is not a s!n.
This are the highest odds that I've ever won. On the downisde, how many times did that last added game on my ticket ruined my bet? I'm sure I'm not the only one having this issues... 



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