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Bet on a 'rigged' game


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So, in Sweden there's a forum that most people know about; flashback. They discuss everything, and I mean everything. Some stuff is great, and they are often very fast to cover recent events etc. Some stuff is downright disgusting...

So about a year ago this OP posts: "I play for a div 2 side in Sweden, and I have, together with a few friends and family in the team have decided to throw a game and bet on our opponents. How would I best go about doing this?"

Obviously the troll-alarm bells go off, but on page 2 another user has (maybe) identified a game the could potentially be the game the OP has suggested (bottom team, also away in this game, has *11 on a win and are playing the top (or second) team.)

Some people claim to bet (big) on the game. I check in on the live score in the ~70th. Low and behold, 0-1 to the underdogs. "What the hell", bet posted (obviously not to 11*, but 1.95 as late as it was and in the lead).

Check the pic for spoilers ;)

Here's the thread, non-Swedes use Google Translate :) https://www.flashback.org/t2573679


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