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Disgusting betting limits, I will shut down my account


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So it's pretty funny. I made a good run for i don't know 11-4 placing mostly 200$ (800zł in Polish currency) per day. Effect? Since 4 days i got restrictions, today i managed to bet just 60$ (nice thing to notify is that for yesterday and today im 2-8 in my bets XD), right now i can't even place minimal stake, because it says it is too high. Staff can't really help you because all they say is that they will contact with sport traders, they check your account and shield themselves with a regulation of declining the bet. Tell me what is a purpose for me to play for 10$ on single bets xD? (But right now i can't even play for 1$) It's really disgusting and funny aswell XD. I will shut account because there's no point in playing for such stakes for me (1-10$).

I'm writing it here because as i said, there's no way someone from staff will help you :)))))))


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