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Is anyone else  getting returns which are consistently around 60% rtp because although this may not be illegal if most people are getting the same crap as me this means the site is paying out way below what it is claiming. This seems to be a regular occurrence and not very random as i am getting the same rubbish on different games. 

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Yep had the same. £1k down @20/40p spins.

Got a feature on Napoleon-josephine @50p spin got 95p an 1st spin, game crashed, couldn't open the game spoke to Cs and can now access the game but feature has gone. 95p win off 50p. 

Cs said they will investigate but won't hold my breath. If a satisfactory outcome is not obtained I will close my account and go for the better sites who seem to payout more.

Up to you Unibet.....

" Gamble responsibly- when the robbing starts, stop." Take note unibet

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