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Verify team is not giving my money


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Hi my names Bekir D I have made withdrawal on the 14/10/2020 of £13.000 I have mad deposit of 5x £25 with paysafe voucher I have made previously made more deposits but when I won now they want me to send them the proof of all the vouchers which I have disposed I have never been asked before and they didn't want to verify when I made a deposit as soon as I wanted to withdraw they asked me to verify my vouchers I have sent them my COUNCIL TAX LETTER MY BANK STATEMENT AND MY DRIVING LICENCE I DONT KNOW WHAT ELSE  TO SEND I HAVE NOT HAD ANY HELP I FEEL LIKE IM BEING RIPPED OF IM A GOOD CUSTOMER I HAVE A BUSINESS THAT INRUN I DONT KNOW CAN SOMEONE HELP ME AND GET THIS SORTED I HAVE MADE OVER 30 paysafe deposits they never asked me proof them I have called paysafe for duplicates but they said they cannot provide them on the voucher it does not say to keep them as a proof of I don't get this I I will have to contact my solicitor for more information about this and I will take it further because I haven't done anything wrong I have provided more information than what they need 

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