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My most memorable bet on unibet


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Just to emphasis this, this was when i had started from 5€ i won from a freeroll. I managed to run that up to about 10€ and then i placed some bets. This bet was one of them and what a bet it was. 

I don't usually bet on overdogs and i usually put small bets into games that might go the way i want them to.

So when the first and the third matches went well and i had just seen from my phone that my team had just scored a goal to go up 2-1 i made the worst mistake possible: tuned in to watch the match and thought about how i would spend my 24€. But i have got a special curse on me, whenever i watch a match the worst outcome happens, so when i went to get something to drink at the 90th minute i heard shouting from the TV and i knew someone had scored. Too bad it was the wrong team. Lets say as an understatement that i was disappointed. Later i watched my account and realized that this wasn't the only bet that i lost because of this match. But football and in life, anything can happen and i just got a reminded of that watching the game. Its funny that when i bet this way, its usually the lowest odds that fail somehow.

Btw just realized that the coupon is in finnish but i lost the midde one and won 1st and 3rd


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