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Help for new feature in history


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For sharing hand histories of interesting hands (but it does not exist on broser client for some reason).

It's a good function, but would be better in conjunction with a better search method (e.g searching by hand combo) where hands are easier to find IMO.

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Also you can add hands here http://www.pokerhandreplays.com/import.php

Works for most NLHE hands at least. Remove the summary from the end, that sometimes messes up the hand.

For example this is a hand I played from Unibet: http://www.pokerhandreplays.com/view.php/id/10180336

The hand replay is made using this input (notice I removed the summary section from the end, and also the thing about what place the players finished the tournament in just in case):

Table €50 SNG 2 Seat - 15.00/30.00 - No Limit Hold'Em - Total prize €97 
*** Seated players ***
Seat 1: Villain (895)
Seat 2: Hero (1105)
*** Blinds and button ***
Villain has the button
Villain posts small blind 15
Hero posts big blind 30
*** Hole cards ***
Dealt to Hero [5d 7d]
Dealt to Villain [Qc 6c]
*** Preflop ***
Villain calls 15
Hero checks
*** Flop *** [5h 3c 7c]
Hero checks
Villain checks
*** Turn *** [5h 3c 7c] [Js]
Hero bets 120
Villain calls 120
*** River *** [5h 3c 7c] [Js] [Qh]
Hero bets 955, and is all-in
Villain calls 745, and is all-in
Uncalled bet returned to Hero: 210
*** Showdown ***
Villain shows [Qc 6c], A Pair of Queens
Hero shows [5d 7d], Two pairs, Sevens up
Hero wins 1790

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