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Question about a bubble situation in UOS E116


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After hand for hand started and 1 away from cashing, i saw an all in and a call at another table where the tourney short stack was. I think I saw that the player that lost that all in had a lower stack than i did and was happy that even if i lose my hand i`ll probably now cash cause i have a bigger stack(~22big blinds) in the hand for hand ...


I forgot which one of the two was the player with lower stack than me in that hand for hand 1player bubble but should either be TavirioS or smallhands.

Can you maybe rewatch the hand history in that bubble and see what happened there? If something went wrong and i should have cashed instead, maybe also give a bubbleburst ticket to the other guy instead since i already bubbled 3 uos this series with this one included :)



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