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WHY ? does  Unibet spend tens of thousands of pounds advertising, send me stupid messages about keeping me informed about what's going on  ... then when I try to have a measly £40 on a dog at Henlow live on SIS which they've been pricing just 11/4 for hours  .... not even best price btw Sportsbook 3/1 ....  invite me to deposit money then whirl the bet around for a couple of minutes whilst traders finish coffee and wetting their pants..... only to completely reject it and instead change price to 5/2  (this was BEFORE any live show came up).    FYI I put thousands of pounds into greyhounds every year, I have 10 running at Henlow, my dogs ALWAYS run straight, always for UNIBET's benefit, and you are TOO SHORT SIGHTED to see what you are doing.    This wasn't even one of my dogs but one trained by 10 times champion trainer M Wallis, what the hell are you expecting him to be doing - cheating ?

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