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Free Roll 1am Game Froze


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Hi, I was playing the freeroll 1am tournament and it suddenly froze as I was going all in with a player. Nothing was happening and my internet connection was fine. I log out quickly and close the tab. Log back in and the usual trouble-shooting techniques. Try to load up the poker lobby and I can't even get in to the landing page. The "4 suits" jump and spin as usual. Then I get the bizzare message "Unable to identify your location. Access denied. Retry?

Very odd, never had this message before and I've not changed anything on my setup so...glitch or what? Bit of a shame, only a freeroll but still frustrating and disappointing, If I'm totally honest.


Can any of the Unibet Tech Geeks shed any light on this? Had good hole cards too! :)

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