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Anxietyyy5 been playing poker online around 8 years have won a little but that is better than losing and I have a great hobby for free. If you are prepared to put a little effort in and use good bankroll management the game can become a lot more enjoyable and you just might win some money. When I first startes I played on the free tables the standard is poor but it gives you an idea of hand strengths at showdown and to be wary of some hands like full houses that can beat your flush for example, once you have got used to this you will see things more clearly when you play cash. Dont care if you are a millionaire start on low stakes give yourself a certain amount you can spend and see how you get on, loads of free learning material out there use it if you use Unibet twitch streamers you get to enter free tournaments but theres loads out there just put "poker twitch" in google or look at poker youtube channels. Sorry Unibet but there are other sites out there join them and you should get a few $$$ freebies, you have to love poker and it can be hard at times but its a lot more enjoyable if you can.

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