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event 1004892135: Sarawak FA - Terengganu FC II


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in this event happened something very strange.

The game was around the 70th minute and then I placed a bet for under 0,5 goals between 60:00-89:59.

This bet would almost double my stake.

I followed it all the way through till around 85th min. I even saw my stake going towards the double of it. Just 5 minutes left.

And then suddenly at that 85th min the game looked like it reset itself and went back somewhere around 50'.

And my money was immediately halved instead of doubled. And now the game is still going on while it should be already finished long ago.

It started at 14:15 and it's now still going on and it's in the 80' minute. It's now 16:35

This isn't correct.

Can somebody explain this to me, please?



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my bet is still open. where we can ask because i dont find any livechat on site. I want my stake back too because when the clock hits 85 min the game clock starts running 55 min and my bet have cash out possible when the time running 55-70 min and now the game is gone and my bet is still open 

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My starting wager was recreated dictation and a few minutes later withdraw by Unibet it's shameful The Paris is new waiting no solution has yet been taken no commercial gesture it was made to me and my guy did not still not given
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