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Unibet UK Tour Glasgow 2018 Day 1 A Chip Counts


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The Chip Counts for Unibet UK Tour Glasgow Day 1A! 

24 players remain returning to BB 6k 

Faustus Korn 889500
Brian Mcclure 455500
Charlie Kearns 377500
Jonathan Barr356000
Dave Grim 298500
David Shaw293000
Stuart Mcnally 281500
Darren Lamont 272500
Andrew Whitehouse 250500
Thomas Naylor 233000
Brian Queen 217500
James Mcninch 203000
Tony Chessa185500
Andrew Paton 185500
Jim Tierney 182500
Espen Jorstad 167000
Mark Dolan 149000
Sam Wardlaw119500
Zafar Mirza103500
Thomas Riley 80500
Mark Macpherson 64500
Colin Gillon 36000
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