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Unibet Open Sat. question


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I won a €25 unibet open sat. and a €50 unibet open sat. tonight. The first one I couldn´t seem to hit a good hand towards the end and I "bubbled"- well, not entirely, I  won €1. :D 

The 2nd just finished, but I can´t see any up and coming tourneys. 

2 questions: 

When is the next possibility to play this €50 ticket? 

Can I exchange it into cash to play other things ?

(oh and 3rd question: Does this guy TiltInventor ONLY push all in ??? - I beat him in the last one but he was one of the main reasons I bust in the first with all his shoves sitting to the left of me.) :p

How many ways can you polish up a turd?
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@RedHotChiliP congratz on winning :)

1.Its not seen in the scheduele yet but there is 50-->250 Unibet open qualifiers every evening (dont remember exact time), if you then win a 250 eur ticket the finals run at wednesdays and sundays :)

2.You cant exchange it into cash or other satelite tickets, but you can break it down to smaller unibet open ticket, for example 5x10 eur unibet open qual tickets.

3. haha if <15bb effective I would guess yes ;)

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