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that is a crazy sport to bet on ! probably the highest variantce of all sports !! 

if you looking for some chillz ,you are very likely to get a bang for your bucks lol 

personaly i use it as a lotery lol i bet on correct match score or period per period correct score!! you get some sick odds lol  2$ on 2 match correct score  2k to 1 lol   like a edgy lotery you can guess wich team is most likely to win...example wash vs buf  very likely to finish 4,,1 but a lot a lot of red slip!!!! ahhhh

not so good for a grind, but a very good lotery 





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apparently betting on first period correct score is a great way to get greater odd for optimal payout...

i try this bet in 50 multiple + and i get there once every 4 bets !

right now...im thinking that betting on first period instead of the second or third is worse lol in the first every players is fresh fast an explosifve which i belive cancel out refined special talent more then anything else..,im saying that the difference between one player from the first line of one team and a player from the 3rd line of the other team is getting greater when 'fatigue' get in the mix !

so more we get deep in the game more talents shine true...unless x factor like tone of powerplay,on the road for x days !

betting of the 3rd is trippy too cause you never know what kind of dynamic / score differencial the game is ...so they may play one strategy instead of another accordingly!!

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