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Blog section?


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We haven't got a dedicated section for member blog posts, but it is something we're considering for the near future. How do you think this should work/be set up? :)

You can of course create a topic in "Poker" and use it as your own blog :)

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One possibility could be to add something like "Pokerblogs" into the menu where you can choose between Poker, Ticket exchange and Bug reports. 

Another way would be that everything stays exactly the same but you add some kind of icon or symbol for blogs. So when you start a blog, the topic´s name would be:


"Icon" My Pokerblog bla bla from 0,01€ to 1.000.000€

That way everyone instantly knows that the topic is a blog. 

I could create a blog myself although I don´t think there would be many people interested in my poker achievements & progress :smileyfrustrated:

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I suggested this as well, I'd be interested in reading others progress reports.

A while back I was going to start a thread myself to talk about my play, then I went into a real bad downswing and decided against it!

But why not, let's do it :catwink:

Just call me Mrs Kings :-)
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