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In these days there is in many websites,even banks, added information which browsers are recommended to use in site. Maybe that information can be use also in community site,sorry if it is already here somewhere and I just did not noticed it. Just a tought because there seems to be problems with some browser versions and these days you can always choose to use another one if like.
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Browser is in the same famely as PC (Personal Computer).

The Browser you need, you form\shape after what you using it for, generally speking you should have 1 for Gaming, recomend "tweeked" Chrome on any OS (operating System, Win\IOS\Linux Distroes).

Then another one for generally surfing like firefox, then use adblock or what you want.

Also there are folks like me who use chrome for almost anything I use firefox for things that are not "normal". VPN\Proxy\TOR and so on...

It all cooking down to what the user want to do on the web, diffrent people and diffrent uses...anyway I know for a fact that Chrome work for evry "normal" use, Gaming\Banks and so on.

I am running Windows 10 x64 and same with most of my Software (programs). running smoth :)

When you mension Versions of Browser, always use the latest oficial stable release, never use a Beta unless you know what that is.

Nothing is impossible, the impossible only take some time.
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