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Help! The fear is real!


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Yes Aliens are coming, fear them, fear them all!!! 

But today I don't ask about the tin foil hat crew, I ask:

How to lose the fear of losing what you have won?

I'm bricking big time, sure I can blame variance, I can blame getting carded etc etc blah blah blah. . . 

Sure I haven't won much and on here my BR is 0, but on another place I went from 0, actual 0 ! To about £35 (50 dollar) , my plan was to withdraw then deposit here (no joke) but I had to wait for authoisiation , in the mean time I was calm but then started losing cash, little by little , now I'm at 30 dollar.

Not much lose for you big timers , but the story doesn't change no matter bankroll. 

How do I actually chill? Just relax yous might say, don't think about it. 

Yes but how?

Withdraw half? Then it may seem I can't lose it all. 


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Your bankroll is not big enough. You sound like I have been in the past. I would suggest at least 50 buy ins to be able to avoid tilt and losing even more m0ney by making mistakes. You have only $30 so in that case I suggest playing only $1 games and less if that site has that buy in level.  Do not chase losses at a higher buyin when you have a bad beat as you will blow that  small bankroll. Easier said than done and I have been guilty of it myself, but it really is very important part of poker, if not the most important part of all.

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The concept of scary money does exist and it is talked about often in poker books. It's one of the key rules to avoid on gambling. Don't play with money you can't afford to lose. This applies to all sorts of gambing, not just poker.

The "fear" usually comes from playing with money that would have some use in your every day life. If it's not that and you have money to live comfortably then it is that the bankroll is a big portion in comparison to the money you have in use. Then your brain tries to automatically try to hold on it. This is something that most people have to struggle through when improving their ability as a gambler a more serious or an active recreational one. There just is no easy way around it, some players never get it and some take a lot of time to get it. It is also dangerous and it requires a good amount of knowledge about yourself.

The above post on bankroll management is important as well to help overcome the fear. But often if that bankroll is big percentage in comparison to your real life wealth then it still might not help no matter how many bins you got.

Sometimes you just have to find your sweet spot. Not too low and not too large.

In low bankroll I'm an aggressive player and find myself often going broke with it heading for slots or aggressive live casino strategies to try to up. This comes from that I'm not afraid to lose 200€ a session per month and grinding it out at 1%-2% profit safe sessions does not trigger a sensation of financial reward while I do enjoy playing the games itself. So you can say that there exists the negative polar opposite of scary money as well for some players.

Perhaps writing something of your own blog to Unibet community might help on that. It just adds something extra to it that might be enough to give the incentive to stay on that. Perhaps I should start one for live casino challenge, perhaps. :)

When on a sweet spot bankroll I am more content in playing less and happy even with that 1-2% of increase when the result in total value would be more  meaningfull to me and my brain gets that extra sense of reward.

Too big of a bankroll in relation to your wealth and it starts to turn to a scary money situation and your brain tells you to hold on to that money.

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