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UK Tour package


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Could you do the same for me? I already asked it to the Belgian customer service, but they haven't answered in over a week for the first package and over 4 days for the second package.

So, I have 2 packages that I want to replace for Manchester 

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Apologies for the missing reply from customer service.

As far as I understand you can't come to Manchester in December, right? In the first case it looks like you asked us to be registered for day 1b in Manchester but in the second case, my colleague from customer service wrote that you can't come to Manchester (maybe the agent misunderstood what you meant).


Just to make sure - are you planning on coming to Manchester? If yes, I'll leave you as registered for day 1b and move the other package to the first UK Tour next year.

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Hey Marco,


Just read this again.

I normally have 3 packages.

2 that I've won in the last 2 weeks. 1 from way before.

So I would love to have 2 packages for Manchester and 1 for next year.

Could this be arranged? Thanks in advance!

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