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Starting my first ever Twitch Stream (cash nl50) in 1.5 hours (18.00 CET)


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Hey guys,

I decided to try myself at streaming and today I'm finally ready to pull the trigger. I'm a professional poker player as in I've been living off poker income for the last 7 years. Winner at midstakes (nl200-nl400), but now rebuilding my roll due to some unfortunate circumstances. I'm open to any questions and would love to talk, so when you join the stream be sure to use the chat ;)

As I said in the title this is my first stream ever and I didn't advertise it anywhere but here. You can call it "beta stream", so expect a few "bugs" and obviously any opinion/critique/impressions are very much appreciated. I'll try to do my best :)

Worth noting that stream will have a 3 minute delay to avoid any possible "stream sniping".

Stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/arviee

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