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Depositing with Bank Transfer by Canadian From Canadian Bank


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I note for withdrawal options that receiving a cheque is not an option and that it says you must first have deposited from that Bank to which I want to receive a withdrawal.

Here's the problem: I want to make a Deposit from the bank that I later want to receive a withdrawal, but insufficient information is provided by Unibet to do so.  Yes, I know you have to include my unique identifier with the transfer, but other information is lacking that would allow me to actually do the transfer.

Can you please respond with proper wire/transfer instructions to send Canadian dollars from a Canadian bank to Unibet (I originally wanted to send/receive US dollars from it, but because my bank -- TDBank -- uses a US Bank intermediary I could not).  Thanks.


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Hi @unibetslowplay,

I hope this is the information you need:

  • Beneficiary name:

WorldPay AP Ltd

  • Your reference Number:


  • Bank name:

ABN Amro (Nederland) NV (EUR) 

  • Account number:


  • Branch address:




  • IBAN:



Let me know if you're still having trouble with the new deposit method :)

Former community moderator
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